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Gamers Call Police After Seeing Tempe Burglary

Gamers Call Police After Seeing Tempe Burglary

TEMPE, Ariz. - Video gamers across the world came to the aid of a fellow gamer who was being raided by an armed gunman.

Their calls to 9-1-1 helped police capture at least one of the suspects at a valley apartment complex.

Tempe Police say that one of the two suspects is still on the loose, but the pair they targeted is okay, thanks to online gamers.

Early Monday morning the online battle known as Defense of the Ancient's became a real battle for gamers playing a Tempe woman known online as Sajaden.

Her live on-line game cam showed Sejaden being startled as two home invaders broke into her apartment.

The suspects were unaware of the woman's online live camera and started rifling through the apartment stealing guns. 

Meanwhile around the on-line gaming community and around the world gamers mounted the alarm and took action.

"The person that made the original call was in Europe, they called someone here in the United States. That person then called the Tempe Police Department," said Lieutenant Mike Pooley with the Tempe Police Department.

"I wasn't actually there, I have a friend that streams video games online through a webcam, and I had a bunch of people tell me that someone came in with a gun, and it looks like they were robbing them," said a 911 caller. 

Tempe Police got the apartment in time to catch one of the two suspects. Sajadene and her roommate are okay. 

Officers say this was a world-wide effort which isn't easy to explain to a 9-1-1 dispatcher who asked the caller from Chandler where he got the original tip from.

"He uh, doesn't live in the country... he lives somewhere in Europe, I don't remember the country exactly," said the caller.

Detectives identified the suspect in the home invasion as 27 year-old Edgardo Martinez. The second suspect who fled the apartment on foot is still on the run.


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